Just came up for air, that’s all, been a while, not sure what to say, maybe I’ll just take a swipe at music fans who like b.o.b’s ‘Nothing on you’ what a boring piece of work, I know I’m getting old but even then, there are some songs that don’t deserve to be number one. Speaking of which isn’t Raymond vs Raymond the tits? I mean is that one sublime spectacular album or what? that dude should never have gotten married in the first place, I mean some guys were just born to be bachelors, a gift from god to the female species,  am sure even princess would agree.

Mean while Lulu came into office sporting some elegant braids on her head, she gave new meaning to the word hot, if I wasn’t in my second week of therapy for sex addiction I would have asked her to have my ……….what are they called? little irritating things that wail and make noise, gulp milk like it’s H2O and expect you to change their stinkin nappies after that.

Somebody ask Jny what I did to him, he don’t come for lunch no more and the last time I called him up for a swallow guess what he said, he said he was just going to take a ka polite one and go to bed, yes a ka polite one, much as I was disappointed I couldn’t help but smile at the slang, a ka polite one indeed.

I didn’t think I would make it this long above water but hey what do you know? here I am breathing easy, but just like Jny I came for a ka polite one, now am gone.


9 thoughts on “A KA POLITE ONE

  1. hahahaha.
    Nowadays i go 4 lunch so early to catch the cream and also say Grace for the food. Not to mention being number 1 on the line before you and baz show up.

    About the polite one you better come try it out. Its only polite for hard chaps like Normzo.

    And dont be hating on B.O.B.

    Polite sox are mine.

  2. @jny: top layer we used to call it, kukeela now for what? and how is beer guzzling normzo?

    @ Ug girl: feels good to be here, I just might be stayin.

  3. Usher’s aight, but I like b.o.b. Nothin’ on you is a great song. 🙂

    “A ka polite one.” Haven’t heard that in a while. Lol.

  4. Haha, a ka polite….

    “Beer guzzling normzo” kale, me these days i only take one for the road…

    I am polite…just like that.

    Do not let Baz hear you say things like that about B.o.B…

  5. a ka polite hola back Sozy!

    I think i saw Lulu that day looking Mighty Fyne!

    You need to stay here dawg!
    Not be runnin away when you want!

  6. Basix: think about it, nice to hear from u.

    Normzo: guess even a leopard can change its spots huh!

    Angie: Hi! girl!

    Princess: Hey girl u ait?

  7. lol carsozy didnt know i had masde that …THAT impact on you, ama spot you real soon, hahahaha , i need to listen to ray vs ray, everyone i know is saying it is toooooo hot

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