Just Sayin’

Currently watching Royal pains a USA cable tv show that simply rocks, am lovin’ every second mostly because Evan, Hanks blundering, pathetically clueless brother brings some  refreshing half witted humor, he may lack the seemingly incoherent intellectual banter that makes Eli of SG-U or Topher of Dollhouse so appealing but what he lacks he more than makes up for with his innovative schemes and his self professed love for the good things in life not the least of which is of course sexy ladies of which there are plenty in the Hamptons which is by the way in case I forgot to mention where this show is set. and if you’ve watched the show do you notice a startling similarity between Evan and Kevin Walker, yes, Sarah and Kitty’s bro. You could say it’s private practice meets brothers and sisters.

The show has been renewed for a second season thank god, Is it just me or do you guys also curse the american tv producers who renew all the crappy shows and cancel the good ones. I loved Kings, Bigshots, Dirty sexy money, MVP and help me out here which other good shows have been cancelled Oh yeah! The deep end.

Cant believe there are people who actually sit through Supernatural without falling asleep or Sanctuary without throwing up, any ways the dude from Spartacus Whitfield I think his name is has been diagnosed with some thing something Lymphoma doesn’t that just suck, so the show cant go on simply because of one reason only, he’s the mother fucking star. but trust those bayaye mbu they are going to shoot a six episode prequel while the dude recovers, lets all pray for the Maafakah coz that show is simply EPIC, if only it was shot on location, green screens are making people lazy, or richer or both.

So tomorrow is Monday, somebody kill me now, let the cold hands of death embrace me so I don’t have to wake up tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Just Sayin’

  1. cold hands of death …really …can me i will not contridute lubugo…

    Shows that didnt deserve the second season,
    1. Kylie XY
    2. Weeds
    3. Lost
    4. Heroes (kale shout me it you like.
    5. …..etc

    had done their time in the first few episodes

  2. Ug Girl: Spot on with Kyle, and lost but heroes was good untill they screwed up in the third. Kale someone blew for me ‘In Plain sight’ wish I could get my hands on that person.

  3. lol, i love supernatural hater!, gosh i miss you already, shall see you tommoorrow and open that trailers website for me so i gawk like you!

  4. you know there are inboxes, and texts for the likes of you two..you could use them. wordpress is generally for comments like mine.generally.that’s what the developers had in mind.originally.

  5. but good to have u back…u left out:
    1. gossip girl(yeah baby)
    2.sex and the city(orgasm, oh yeah yeah baby)
    3. desperate husbands

  6. Lulu that traileraddict.com is the shit. but it also kinda bums you out coz most of the dope flicks are coming out after august, take me for Sands of time.

    Sleek: its called PDA, ur welcome, have u seen HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA, critics say it’s the next ENTOURAGE. and what I have seen so far aint bad.

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