Once in a lifetime? Maybe not.

Trying to take the shine off ‘OUR’ world cup are you?  Well you do have a point when you say that no other African country can organize a tournament of this magnitude, what with the poor infrastructure, not just in transport and communications but in health and food establishments as well, But I will have you know that this world cup has given more Africans and Ugandans as well a chance to experience first hand the excitement and glamour surrounding one of the world’s biggest….. scratch that ….. the biggest sporting event in history, Super bowl don’t count in Africa.

Who would have guessed twenty years ago that a people just emerging from the throes of an oppressive apartheid regime would be able to single handedly organize one of the most successful world cups in history (2002 had to be jointly organize by Japan and South Korea two world economic superpowers) for those not in the know the world cup audiences down south have only been surpassed by the USA and Germany world cups.

The vuvuzela is made in China and so is your wall clock but whose original idea was it anyway, why bitch about imported paraphernalia, the global village has given Africans a chance at exporting their culture, expect to see vuvuzelas in the premier league or the bundesliga.

This world cup has been a lesson both to Africans and to the entire world, to the Africans it has taught us that we can finally take our place in the world (tree houses or not) if we shun the kind of tribal and sectarian politics that has permeated every fibre of our being, we can kick poverty and disease out of our midst if we emulate the South African example of Danny Jordaan and his team who have done an exceptional job and have shown the world that Africa is capable of rising above the snare of corruption and inefficiency (CHOGM thieves should be taking notes).

To the world the tournament has lent further credence to the age old belief that one man’s fight for freedom, for a better future and for a united people can make all the difference, this has been Mandela’s world cup, yes you’re right Daniel it has been South Africa’s world cup, but most of all it has been AFRICAS world cup and don’t you dare think you can make us think otherwise.


This has been an outburst against Daniel Kalinkai’s column in today’s Monitor.


8 thoughts on “Once in a lifetime? Maybe not.

  1. saminamina eeeh waka waka eeeee …this shakira – papekale i think song just got into my head the moment i started to read this.. though honestly speaking am proud to be African.

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