Malala’s Moment

After reading Assed Baigs article in The Huff Post, I found myself thinking………

Assed Baig may have a point when he says that Yousafzai Malala’s story has been picked up by the white media to champion the selfish interests of their western governments in a propaganda campaign aimed at justifying their intervention in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

Baig points out that the NATO led bombing campaign has led to more grief and suffering than any Taliban bullets can ever cause, which again I won’t dispute, my problem with such an analysis is that it gives too much credit to the Taliban, it paints them as the victims and not the butchers and monsters that they really are.

The US led Invasion led to an unprecedented bombing and attrition war the likes of which the region last suffered during the USSR invasion but Islamist extremists like the Taliban had for decades waged a war against their own people more devastating and crippling, their systematic reign of terror and violence, the state sponsored injustice and oppression against women, the public beheadings, amputations and floggings were all dragging Afghanistan back to the dark ages. The Taliban believe and understand only one language to advance their agenda, force and violence.

I personally find nothing wrong with the west in fronting Malala as a poster girl for the fight against such atrocities and injustices committed against the people of Afghanistan, whether or not they have ulterior motives the campaign the western media has built will do more to ease the sufferings and torment of a nation that has seen its fair share of brutal and murderous religious extremism.


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