So far so good!

From Starz comes yet another action drama series packed with enough blood, sex and steel to keep us glued to our TV screens for endless weekends to come, I may be guilty of a little embellishment here but I’m hoping that if the first three episodes are anything to go by Then BLACK SAILS is every bit of the captivating addictive action drama the kind of which we’ve come to expect from this network, am I being too expectant? You could be right, there are a few turn offs in the opening episodes but the opening sea battle scene of the first installment is well executed and provides an ample glimpse of the kind of merciless destruction and mayhem we can expect from the gory battle scenes.


Set in the 1715 two decades before the events described in R.L. Stevenson’s ‘Treasure Island ‘the show directs our focus on a band of pirates who have made their home on the Caribbean island of New Providence and live out their lives plundering merchant vessels on the high seas and spiriting their loot and booty away to their enclave to squander on booze, whores and food. They live according to a strict pirate code and sell their loot through legitimate merchants who have no qualms about profiteering from stolen goods – enter Eleanor Guthrie the daughter of a smuggling kingpin whom I have to admit fails to impress as she seems to wield too much power over a ruthless and murderous bunch of blood thirsty pirates regardless of whether or not she’s the only conduit through which they can sell their booty.

The lead character’s borrowed from Stevenson’s book are Captain Flint a fierce buccaneer with a highly complex persona and Long John Silver a clever common sailor who joins the pirate crew to save his life. The two cross paths and have their destinies intertwined as they both seek to uncover a route to instant wealth and riches beyond their wildest dreams, the ultimate prize – A Spanish treasure ship

Although it has just begun we have no worries about getting glued to a show that might have the plug pulled on it as it’s been renewed for a second season. Forgive my unbridled enthusiasm but I think we’re in for a treat.




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